Camilla Vuorenmaa participates the Akvarellsalong at Edsvik Konsthall in Sweden

Camilla Vuorenmaa participates the Akvarellsalong (Watercolor exhibition) at Edsvik Konsthall in Sweden. The exhibition opens on the  28th of June and end on the 3rd of August 2014.

Edsvik Konsthall (Edsvik Art Gallery) is a Swedish art gallery focused on national and international contemporary art. The gallery is situated on a grand 18th century estate at Edsviken in the north of Stockholm. It consists of two large reconstructed barns, Gallery East and Gallery West, that previously was a part of Edsberg’s Castle. Edsvik Konsthall is the second largest art gallery in Sweden and we are holding approximately 20 exhibitions by Swedish and international artists each year. In addition to our ambitious work with exhibitions we also run a full time art school, and offer a variety of workshops and courses.

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