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Elena Näsänen chosen for the new Feature Expanded program

Elena Näsänen will participate the new Feature Expanded program together with international artists such as Yael Bartana. The chosen 12 artists who participate the program will have workshops, lectures and case studies with leading producers, curators and artistic directors, along with Omar Kholeif (Whitechapel Gallery, Arab UK Film Fest, author of You Are Here: Art After The Internet), Renée van der Grinten (Experimental Film & Documentary at the Netherlands Film Fund) and Sarah Mosses (Together Films).

Feature Expanded – European Art Film Strategies is a training program specifically designed to provide knowledge, methodologies and skills necessary for filmmakers with a background in visual arts to develop and produce feature films. The program will be held at HOME in Manchester 24 – 29 June 2015 and at Lo schermo dell’arte Film Festival, Florence18 – 22 Nov 2015. 

Elena Näsänen studied at Academy of Fine Arts of Helsinki. Her work has evolved from the structural to the cinematic narrative storytelling and working with actors. She is interested in creating a strong mood and tension by using constructed sound. The other important elements in her videos are time and nature.
Elena’s films have been shown in numerous exhibitions and festivals around the world, such as a group exhibition “Young Scene” in Vienna, 1998; Rotterdam Film Festival, 2003; and a group show in Møøn, 2009 and group show in Frankfurter Kunstwerein, 2014. She was also invited to the artist residency and exhibition to Artspace Sydney by Blair French, 2008-09.
In addition to film and video-making, Elena has also been active in artist policy working as a chairwoman of Artist Association Muu (2000-2003) and as a president of Artists’ Association of Finland (2004-2007). Elena also supported video, sound and media works as a Film Commissioner for media art productions at AVEK.
Currently, Elena is working on a new video installation “The Song,” writing a script for a feature film “The End of the Day,” and starting her last year as a Film Commissioner at AVEK.

Elena Näsänen’s recent video works: Passerby, Round, Wasteland and the Spell can be seen on her Vimeo account