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Jenni Rope’s Mobiles and paintings in Galleria Huuto

Welcome to the opening of Jenni Rope’s solo exhibition Mobiles and Paintings on Tuesday 6 September at 18–20. The exhibition is accompanied with Rope’s book describing the motions of mobiles.

As an artist Jenni Rope is best known for her paintings, animations and spacious mobile sculptures. In her playful imagery and artworks Rope combines different techniques from acrylic painting to drawing. In her new works we can see a shift towards totally abstract expression, where clear brush strokes and tuned colour fields cooperate on the canvas. The works are simpler and more structural what has been seen in Rope’s previous artistic production.

Besides her paintings, Jenni Rope also creates mobiles, sort of floating sculptures. In this exhibition, mobiles continue and complement the visuality of the paintings. The floating sculptures have their own kind of sensitivity: they are at the same time light, heavy, graceful and massive.

Jenni Rope lives and works in Helsinki. Rope has exhibited widely in Finland and abroad, and besides her career as an artists, Rope has made picture books, illustrations, album covers and print design for e.g. Marimekko.

Jenni Rope: Mobileita ja maalauksia 7.–25. 9. 2016
Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu
Uudenmaankatu 35, Helsinki

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Jenni Rope, Mobile animation, 2016 and Liina, 2016