Laura Konttinen’s solo exhibition opens at Poriginal Gallery


Laura Konttinen’s solo exhibition ISLANDS opening at Poriginal Gallery on 2nd of September. The exhibition is open 3.- 20.9.2016. More about the exhibition here.

Laura Konttinen (b. 1987 in Säynätsalo) is a Finnish visual artist working mainly with photography, often combining it with collage and installation. Her work deals with the desperate, yet hopeful attempts to reconstruct and reshape the past into new (or maybe old) forms. The core focus of her work is the materiality of the photograph. Cutting, pasting and crafting by hand is an integral part of Konttinen’s work. Instead of digital aftereffects, she often plays analogue tricks on the camera through surreal scenesetting and carefully considered arrangements.


Laura Konttinen, Island series, 2016.