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New Narrative and Reader artists: Janne Nabb + Maria Teeri

Janne Nabb (b. 1984) and Maria Teeri (b. 1985) are artists who examine in their often temporary works and projects the levels of artistic labour in the relationship with everyday society. They use methods of discovering, collecting and rediscovering, and experimenting with objects in their daily artistic practice. The physical matter they work with is often the material surplus or in-situ material traces left by human or non-human activity. Different modes of representation and documentation have a central role in their work as well. Nabb and Teeri are participating New Narrative and Reader with a site-specific installation made out of plastic bags. Nabb and Teeri have graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki, and live and work in Övermark. They have been working together since 2008.

Go and see their website from here, and read more about the upcoming New Narrative and Reader exhibition here.

Photo by Amanda Aho, Finnish Art Agency.