Augmented Geology

Anna Estarriola / Nabb+Teeri / Maggie Madden / Lola Gonzàlez / Niamh O’Malley
Curated by Finnish Art Agency

Augmented Geology presents six international artists whose works study the immaterial and physical possibilities of build environments and rocks. The exhibition brings together installations, video works and sculptures through the thematics of representations, speculative entities and hybrids. Augmented Geology explores the possibilities of recreating natural and solid materials. It questions how does the man-made technology affect the physical and social environment we live in.

The exhibition revolves around the concept of the rock cycle, the dynamic and often violent transitions through the geologic time. A voyage through Niamh O’Malley’s quarries and monumental ruins leads us to Anna Estarriola’s performance for a rock contemplating on mankind’s limited and helpless desires and attempts to embrace and conduct reality.

Lola González’ moments of synchronicity and bodily communication guide us to face outwards, towards the natural landscape, and to question is it only sound and fury, signifying nothing. Whereas Maggie Madden’s collected materials accompany us to reflect on our spatial encounters in the urban landscape and the natural world. Watching Nabb+Teeri’s imaginary minerals makes the raw-materiality surrounding humans corporeal, and substantiates the capitalistic dreams of exploitation leading to the end of resources.

As the rocks are forced to change as they encounter new environments, the exhibition opens a space for unpredictable and sometimes unwanted actions of human bodies, non-human creatures, and ecological systems. The exhibition is curated by MA Laura Köönikkä and MA Darja Zaitsev from Finnish Art Agency.

Augmented Geology is supported by the Arts Council England and The Finnish Institute in London.

Augmented Geology 10.6.–8.7.2017
22 George Place, Stonehouse
Plymouth, PL13NY, UK
Wed-Sat 11-5pm, during exhibition periods only or by appointment only.
Free admission.

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Finnish Institute in London, Marcelle Alix, Mother’s Tankstation Limited, KARST, Lantoom Quarry

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