Främmande / Muukalainen / Stranger

The art exhibition of seven young Finnish artists opened on December the 10th 2016 at Fullersta Gård (Huddinge, Sweden). The exhibition comprised of paintings and installations by Tiina Pyykkinen, Tuukka Tammisaari, Sami Havia, Eeva Peura, Jarno Vesala, Erno Enkenberg and Sampo Malin. The art exhibition was curated by MA Laura Köönikkä together with MA Darja Zaitsev and produced by Fullersta Gård.

“During the time of uncertainty, when you can’t predict the future based on the past, we keep seeking things that make us feel comfortable and safe. Finding stability from the outer world when our inner world is torn apart, is perhaps natural behaviour and makes us human beings. Strange things are happening in the world and we have no power to stop the madness. What we can control is our own attitude, tolerance and behaviour. Things that we do to find peace. Things that we make to make other people see. Things that brings us closer, to become friends with strangers.” – Laura Köönikkä

During the exhibition period Fullersta Gård’s educational programs and intiatives were linked to Finnish culture. There are may Finnish speakers in the area of Huddinge and Southern part of Stockholm.

Främmande/ Muukalainen / Stranger 10.12.2016–12.3.2017
Fullersta Gård
Fullersta Gårdsväg 18, 141 35 Huddinge
Open: Thu 12-19, Fri-Sun 12-16, free entryård

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Photo courtesy of Carl Henrik Tillberg/Fullersta Gård