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Sami Havia’s new works at Hämeenlinna Art Museum

Artist Sami Havia (b.1982) is taking part in a group exhibition together with Ilari Hautamäki (b. 1983), Kati Lehtonen (b. 1979) and Kim Somervuori (b. 1975) at Hämeenlinna Art Museum from the 26th of February to the 8th of May 2016.

Havia, Hautamäki and Somervuori studied together at the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki. The inspiration for both Havia and Somervuori comes from subcultures and their own generation’s visual imagery. The four artist’s exhibition is a versatile package, that shows where the line between painting and drawing nowadays cross. The exhibition has an sincere expression, intelligent insights and also spatial works which have a direct relationship to painting and drawing. Curator Veikko Halmetoja wanted each of the artists to stand out as a recognizable entity, but still keeping an intense dialog between the different artist’s pieces. The exhibition showcases both newer and older works. Prior to Hämeenlinna, the Hautamäki-Havia- Somervuori group exhibition was on display at Aineen Taidemuseo in Tornio 2.10.–15.11.2015.

Sami Havia’s works are recognizable by his dynamic and bold paintings, with references to comic art, graffiti and other various styles. Critics have described his works as abstract expressionism. He’s paintings are a sum of carefree spontaneous intuitive painting combined with a precise detailed drawing, with a comic-like technique. Havia uses multiple layers to create amplified effects, but with careful consideration of details his works result in a thoughtfully finished outcome. 30 of his works will be on display in Hämeenlinna Art Museum.

Finnish painter Sami Havia lives and works in Helsinki. Recently his works featured New Narrative and Reader group exhibition in Manchester (2015) and Taiteen uudet tarinat in Salo (2015–2016), both curated by Finnish Art Agency’s Laura Köönikkä. He has had numerous solo and group exhibitions in Finland since 2003, e.g. Korjaamo Galleria (2012), Galleria FAFA (2010), Gallery Kunstnerforbundet in Oslo (2009) and Porin Art Museum (2006).

Hautamäki – Havia – Lehtonen – Somervuori 26.2.-8.5.2016
Hämeenlinna Art Museum
Viipurintie 2
13200 Hämeenlinna
Hämeenlinnan taidemuseo


Sami Havia, Post-it, 2016, acrylic, oil, charcoal and ink, 160 cm x 140 cm