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Teemu Korpela at TM Gallery in Helsinki

Teemu Korpela’s new paintings can be  seen at TM Gallery,located in Helsinki, run by the Finnish Painter’s Union. The exhibition is open until Sunday the 19th of October 2014.

“The more routine your handling of your tools becomes, the less technical difficulties will impede your expression. The images and the vision that form the basis for my art, however, change shape more quickly than my ability to embrace the necessary technical skill to realise that vision. The vision is always one step ahead. Whenever I reach the point where I’ve achieved, through practise, the technical capacity to realise the painting I have wanted to create, the vision has already moved on beyond the grasp of my abilities.” Teemu Korpela

TM Galleria, Erottajankatu 9B 00130 Helsinki

Teemu Korpela’s homepage 

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Photos from the exhibition:

Allegorical portrait of a lady portrait of a young lord lumouksesta