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Augmented Geology opens in June 9th at KARST

KARST‘s summer exhibition Augmented Geology presents six international artists whose works study the immaterial and physical possibilities of build environments and rocks. The exhibition brings together installations, video works and sculptures through the thematics of representations, speculative entities and hybrids. Augmented Geology explores the possibilities of recreating natural and solid materials. It questions how does the man-made technology affect the physical and social environment we live in.

The exhibition revolves around the concept of the rock cycle, the dynamic and often violent transitions through the geologic time. As the rocks are forced to change as they encounter new environments, the exhibition opens a space for unpredictable and sometimes unwanted actions of human bodies, non-human creatures, and ecological systems. The artists taking part in the exhibition are Anna Estarriola, Lola González, Maggie Madden, Nabb+Teeri and Niamh O’Malley. The exhibition is curated by Laura Köönikkä and Darja Zaitsev from Finnish Art Agency.

KARST is Plymouth’s largest independent contemporary art venue in Plymouth, comprising a free public gallery space and artists’ studios. KARST was founded in 2012 in the industrial Millbay area of the city and aims to be a test-bed for experimentation: from conceptually complex group shows proposed by international curators to projects focussing on individual artists or artistic collaboration.

Nabb+Teeri, Transition Zone (2016–2017)