Camilla Vuorenmaa’s new exhibition Sea Separates Us now at EMMA

Finnish artist Camilla Vuorenmaa’s (b. 1979) new solo exhibition, Sea Separates Us, is now open to the public at EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art. The exhibition is one part of The Fine Arts Academy of Finland prize she won in May 2015.

Vuorenmaa has worked with wood since 2010, and continues to incorporate this in her art challenging traditional physical boundaries. The carved wood paintings are a mix of combining painting and sculpting conducted by carefully using the right techniques and knowledge. The result leads to stunning art work, painted in playful colors that are rich and have a powerful but delicate expression.

Vuorenmaa got her inspiration for these pieces during her residence in Iceland in the autumn of 2015. Watching the fisherman at the shore working by the vast ocean, got her thinking about these fundamental questions about life and humanity, myths and legends. The sea separates and unites, as does people.

“All future exhibition works related to more or less the age-old struggle for survival, individual and collective struggle ahead in life. Sea, sheep, wrestlers, ropes, men and women, as well as unspecified persons, which are surrounded by ropes and nets.” – Camilla Vuorenmaa 11/22/2015

Sea Separates Us
10.02.2016 – 17.04.2016
EMMA, Espoo Modern Art Museum
Ahertajantie 5, Espoo

Camilla Vuorenmaa, Yövuoro, 2016
Photo: Ari Karttunen/EMMA