Finnish Art Agency is proud to announce the collaboration with Tiina Pyykkinen

Finnish Art Agency is excited to announce the new collaboration with painter Tiina Pyykkinen (b. 1983). Helsinki-based Pyykkinen takes advantage of a special technique of using alkyd oil on canvas, which allows her to create astonishing shiny surfaces. Thus, the observer needs to experience Pyykkinen’s works by moving past them, acknowledging shifting angles and perspectives. Laying the focus on the observer affirms the artist’s minimalist approach in style. Pyykkinen achieves a maximum of expression by adjusting her works with their surroundings, even by creating vast reflecting surfaces to broaden the exhibition space’s dimension.

Pyykkinen uses several layers of colours to get a very deep and complex impression of blackness. For her light, movement and the architecture of the space are all material components. The lighting molds the scene of colours through the play of light and shadow. In the moment of viewing the different levels of being in the actual space become together. Through the artwork one can see the actions in the surrounding space.

If you are curious to see Pyykkinen’s artistic work with your own eyes, make sure you get to visit her upcoming group exhibitions Matka maan keskipisteeseen at Jyväskylä Art Museum, 2.10.2015–10.1.2016 and New Narrative and Reader in Salo Art Museum 17.10.2015–17.1.2016. 

Tiina Pyykinen’s homepage
Tiina Pyykkinen’s installations in Youtube: Painted place and Observed memory 

Photos: Observed memory, Installation 2014 (Saarijärvi museum, Saarijärvi); Painted Place, Installation 2015 (tm gallery, Helsinki)

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