Group Crit – Lets talk about your work in Helsinki and Oulu in May

Finnish Art Agency held two group crit sessions with our guests Laura Robertson and Mike Pinnington and FAA founder, curator Laura Köönikkä. Altogether 12 artists were invited to participate.

” I have never had the opportunity to be part of something like this before and I found it so so helpful.” 
“The idea is smart and very useful. I have many times wondered why there are no critic-possibility anywhere.” “Any professional advices are welcome!”
– Comments from the participants
Group crit sessions encourage the artists to verbalise their work and ideas. The peer dialogue and professional feedback and comments help the artist to rethink about their practice and reflect the process with other participants. The event provides an opportunity for a group of artists and other creatives to meet, develop and exchange ideas and receive advice on professional development.The next Group crit sessions are held in Helsinki on the 4th of May and in Oulu on 30th and 31st of May. The sessions are lead by Finnish Art Agency team Laura Köönikkä and curator Darja Zaitsev.

To participate book your place by emailing

Participants are asked to bring examples of their work on a USB stick, a printed portfolio or a laptop. If necessary, a laptop can be provided. More specific instructions are send after your participation has been confirmed.

Group crit in Helsinki at Finnish Art Agency office:
4th of May at 1-4pm

Schedule for Group crit sessions at Oulu Art Museum:
Tuesday 30.5 at 2-5pm
Wednesday 31.5 at 10-1pm
Wednesday 31.5 at 2-5pm

Group crit fees:
Fee 80€ + alv. 24% in Helsinki. Fee in Oulu 110€ + alv. 24%
Max. 6 participants per each session.

If you wish to have a studio visit in Oulu, during the mentioned dates please send your request to