Jarno Vesala at Shoreditch Town Hall, London

Jarno Vesala participates in a group exhibition Out of Our Heads in London, 13th-29th of June.

Out Of Our Heads- project will feature a visual arts exhibition with works of established and emerging artists in a variety of media including painting, sculpture, installation, video, sound and performance art.  The   artists’ work will attempt to provoke us to enter into the space where the human brain and mind  construct    the world, hovering between perception, imagination and belief. Alongside the exhibition a series  of talks, film screenings, workshops, performances and events will cover themes of perception, illusions,  hallucinations and mental health in order to engage the public in a diverse dialogue about hallucinations  and mental health and challenge the stigma that surrounds mental illness.

From 13-29 June 2014, 10am – 6pm daily & weekends, in the evocative labyrinthine passages and chambers of the Shoreditch Town Hall basement, over twenty-five contemporary artists will present site-specific works that will attempt to trigger the human senses. Some of the works were developed based upon the latest scientific knowledge on the human brain and mind. Contributing scientists include: Prof David Nutt (Psychiatrist and Neuropsychopharmacologist), Dr Dominic ffytche (Psychiatrist), Prof Fiona MacPherson (Philosopher), Prof Jill Peay (Criminologist and Psychologist), Prof John Foot (Historian), Prof Konstantinos Moutoussis (Neuroscientist), Prof Semir Zeki (Neurobiologist).

The exhibition is curated by James Putnam and Vassiliki Tzanakou.

Out Of Our Heads -website: www.oooheads.org