Jarno Vesala together with Krister Gråhn at 7th Turku Biennial – The Unexpected Guest

Jarno Vesala is participating in this year’s 7th Turku Biennial (10.6.–30.8.2015) with his and Krister Gråhn’s joint video installation Työn alla (Under Construction). The biennial offered the artists the opportunity to intervene in the museum architecture and arrange their works in the museum’s premises questioning the traditional understanding of corridors, walls and museum space in general. The concept of artists being invited through other artists’ suggestions allowed very interesting collaborations and put more focus on the artistic practice. The theme The Unexpected Guest promises to give the visitor many unattended encounters provided by altogether 18 artists from Finland and Europe.

Vesala and Gråhn worked closely together for Työn alla (2015) video installation. Comprising of two rooms, the artists wanted to blur the original space’s borders by forming a new room with plastic foils and wooden scaffolds. The installation transmits the impression of unfinishedness and an ambiance of a building lot. Vesala’s installation and videos often imitate intriguing and nightmare-like human shapes, sounds and behaviour. His depictions of isolation, melancholy and the uncertainty of the future leaves the visitor often with shiver and goosebumps.

Turku Biennial from June, 18 until August, 30
Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova
Itäinen Rantakatu 4–6, Turku
open everyday 11-19

Photo by Jari Nieminen/Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova