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Man Yau joins Finnish Art Agency

Finnish Art Agency is happy to announce the new collaboration with a young talent Man Yau (b.1991).  Man Yau has been exhibiting in various solo and group exhibition since 2009. Her extensive artistic work includes various different projects with numerous creative collaborators. Currently she is working with new works in which she examines the combination of new technology and old school craftmanship.

At the moment Man Yau’s works can be seen in a group show Recorded Matter: Ceramics in Motion at Arizona State University Art Museum (ASU Museum), open until 11th of July 2015. In addition to her contemporary art  she is currently collaborating with designer Sophie Sälekari for Hyeres Art installation and art direction at the Hyeres Design Competition Showroom 2015.

Man Yau studied at Masters in Applied Art and Design at Aalto University’s School of Arts, Design and Architecture in Helsinki. In Man Yau’s works, there is an articulation of high class elegance vs. low life. She combines traditional materials and techniques such as marble sculpting, glass blowing and porcelain casting with the idiom that reflects sub/pop culture. Last year her works were seen in a group show “Dislocation” at The Hole Gallery in NYC, 2014.

Link to Man Yau’s video Porcelain Decks, 2012
Man Yau homepage
Man Yau blog 
Recorded Matter: Ceramics in Motion

Photo: Checkmate / Dislocation with Jesse Auersalo, The Hole, 2014. (photo: Megan Cullen)