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Maria Laine’s practice is dedication to details

The Superwood weekend is getting closer! Finnish Art Agency has gathered a group of young Finnish visual artists for the festival in a site-specific art exhibition, located in the unique 1960’s interior of Hotel Rantapuisto. We interviewed the breathtakingly talented painter Maria Laine about her love for art, her inspiration and her working methods.

What made you interested in art?

When I was little I could draw for  hours. It was rewarding when I succeeded to draw or paint as life-like pictures as possible. Slow painting practise that requires concentration has always been very characteristic to me. I learned different techniques at painting classes and art itself became a part of my self-expression.

On my way to adulthood  I became more interested in the art world and was influenced by everything that was related to art; I read books about art history and contemporary art and visited gallery exhibitions in my hometown. Applying to visual artist education was an obvious continuum for my enthusiasm.

When I studied at Lahti University of Applied Sciences I started to paint self-portraits and since then the figurativeness has been in the centre of my art. As I started to paint models instead of myself the observing and the directing of the models as well as the planning of the light became important parts of my working process.

Your painting practise is very classical. Where do you get inspiration from?

I’m interested in human body and anatomy and the way they convey and expose emotions. I believe there are endless ways to study humans and human emotions. My inspiration can spring from most anything; from movies, dance moves, music or lyrics. Usually an interesting light phenomenom, color combination or a form lingers on my mind and with time these visual stimulus are combined with the themes I want to explore in my paintings.

Generally speaking I get excited about works of art that indicates the artist’s painting skills, yet there are something  fresh, special or peculiar in the means of expression or the handling of the theme. My own painting technique is a subtle alternation between detailed and hazy. Contrary to my own painting style I often get excited about painters with relaxed and pittoresque style.

Loneliness and separateness are frequent themes in my paintings. Typically I continue to handle a certain theme from where it was concluded in a previous painting. My painting practise requires dedication and patience and it might  take a while to turn the ideas into a painting. I want to be sure that my enthusiasm with the chosen theme will endure through the painting process of several months. The most challenging thing is to find time and concentration among the rush.

Purchase inquiries and private viewings at Superwood festival please contact Laura Köönikkä laura@finnishartagency.com +358 50 5330509

Hotel Rantapuisto, Furuborginkatu 3, 00980 Helsinki.

Photo: Maria Laine (Ninni Vidgren/Finnish Art Agency)
Floating gaze, 2017, oil on canvas, 85 x 70 cm.
Float / Between, 2017, oil on canvas, 180 x 145cm.