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New Narrative and Reader artists: Bita Razavi

Bita Razavi (b. 1983) in a artist who works with photography, video art and performance. Razavi’s works deal with communication, collective memory and dialectics of private and public in different political and social situations. Her works are often based on a text, and video and photography are just different ways of narrating. She describes her works as “results from a certain situation and my latest challenge is to make them work without an explanatory text“. Razavi’s latest work, Some Critique from Our Parents, commissioned by Checkpoint Helsinki, consists of several interviews with artists’ parents where they discuss how they understand their children’s art and lifestyle. Parents are usually the closest people and inevitable part of the artist’s audience, but sometimes it’s hard to find ways to communicate the art world for somebody who is not necessarily part of it. The work is the only video piece in the upcoming New Narrative and Reader exhibition. Tehranese Razavi has studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki, and lives and works in Helsinki, Tehran and Tallinn.

Go and see her website from here, and read more about the upcoming New Narrative and Reader exhibition here.

Photo by Amanda Aho, Finnish Art Agency