Welcome Mariko!

Finnish Art Agency welcomes Mariko Yoshida to join the team as a learning and development consultant. “Since recreating my own professional profile through studies, from being an art curator to a coach and work supervisor,  I’ve had the interest to develop experimental concepts and services. To strengthen these services was a natural next step. By having Mariko in our team, we can offer companies and organizations workshops and sessions in which we combine my professional focus: positive psychology, coaching and self-compassion together with Mariko’s knowledge and practical skills in the multisensorial world. We both look forward to see what’s the response during this spring and can’t wait to collaborate with new customers.”, comments Laura Köönikkä, the director of Finnish Art Agency. 

Yoshida is originally from Japan, hold a Bachelor of Economics (BA International Economics), and studying at Aalto University, Master of Art (Nordic Visual Studies and Art Education). 

She is passionate about how multisensorial elements effect on corporate communication. Especially her interests are in the way how art and sensorial modals can contribute to communications for getting new ideas in interdisciplinary settings. She engaged in scent marketing and multisensorial research in Japan for 5 years. In Finland, she has conducted several sensorial workshops for workers in both hybrid and online styles. She has both business and art mindset and bring opportunities to shift the mindset leading to get new ideas for business person with KANSEI elements (Japanese word similar meaning with multisensory). With this combination, Yoshida brings unique production and conceptual possibilities to Finnish Art Agency. 

“I am grateful to have this opportunity to work at Finnish Art Agency. I’m so excited to join as a learning and development consultant of Finnish Art Agency and look forward to working with creative and sensorial projects together with Laura Köönikkä.” Yoshida adds. 

You can reach Mariko via email: mariko(at)finnishartagency.com 

Photo: Jimi Tenor