Saara Ekström’s photography exhibition closing 17.3.2015

Artist Saara Ekström (b. 17.3.1965) will celebrate her exhibition closing on Tuesday 17.3.2015. The photography exhibition was made site specifically for beautiful office spaces of an independent publishing house Teos in Helsinki. The starting point for the exhibition was to bring photos to a new environment in which the works could be part of the everyday working life. Interaction between the works and the viewer was scrambled and transformed during the whole exhibition period. Through different stories and interpretations works have become part of the place’s character.

The exhibition is opened until 17.3.2015, on weekdays at 10–15
Kustannusosakeyhtiö Teos, Bulevardi 12, 3rd floor

Exhibition closing on Tuesday 17.3.2015 at 18–20

Saara Ekström: A Single Charm Is Doubtful (Liquids), C-print, 2010
85 x 104 cm (Photo: Paavo Lehtonen)