Sami Havia joins Finnish Art Agency

Finnish Art Agency is delighted to announce the new collaboration with painter Sami Havia (b. 1982). Sami Havia’s works have been on display mainly in Finland in various solo and group exhibitions since 2003. Havia has also been exhibiting together with painters Ilari Hautamäki and Kim Somervuori from 2013. Hautamäki, Havia and Somervuori draw their inspiration from subcultures and their own generation’s visual imagery. Their works can be seen this year at Aine Art Museum, Hämeenlinna Art Museum in 2016 and Jyväskylä Art Museum in 2017.

The common feature that makes Sami Havia’s works so recognisable is his unique way of combining dynamic and bold painting elements with fine and elaborate layers of drawing. By combining these styles, Havia creates a junction of imagination, manners and the subconscious. Media resonance describes him as an expressionist, therefore it is no wonder to encounter contradictions and extreme themes in his works. When overcoming the first-glimpse impression and by taking a closer look at his minute compositions, one will discover references to graffiti art and various other styles.

Sami Havia has graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki, and lives and works in Helsinki. Havia is now exhibiting as part of FAA’s group exhibition New Narrative and Reader in Bury Art Museum and Sculpture Centre. The exhibition will be displayed in Salo Art Museum in 17.10.2015–17.1.2016.

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Photos: Tickle, 2014, acrylic, oil, ink and crayon on canvas, 140 cm x 150 cm; Soft Core, 2014, acrylic, oil and ink on canvas, 160 cm x 150 cm