The new SHIFT mentoring programme attracted applicants from Finland and abroad!

Finnish Art Agency’s new SHIFT mentoring programme’s application period is now closed. Thanks for everyone who applied for the programme!

“It was great to see that many artists from without the capital area of Finland applied. We also got applications from the UK and Sweden which shows that artists from many countries are struggling with similar challenges in their career.” says Laura Köönikkä from Finnish Art Agency.

Finnish Art Agency will  announce the participating artists by the end of August. A maximum of 12 artists will be chosen for the programme.

The programme offers personal career coaching and a seminar with international professionals from the arts sector. The seminar will be held at the Olympic stadium in Helsinki and it is open for all audiences, enrollment starts in August (SHIFT seminar 29.–30.10.2015). The purpose of the SHIFT mentoring programme is to provide tailored support for developing artists careers.