An opportunity in Denmark for Finnish curators!

Juxtapose Art Fair is a new gathering for artist-run, independent, and non-commercial art initiatives from Denmark and abroad. The fair aims to make the artist-run sector more accessible to the general public. Artist-run
initiatives are often at the forefront of contemporary art, yet they are typically unknown outside of artistic circles. We will showcase 20-25 initiatives through a combination of exhibition booths, talks, and other activities (as proposed via open call) that will unfold throughout Godsbanen – a popular, interdisciplinary cultural center that is renowned in
Aarhus as a hub for creative activities and events.

Juxtapose also aims to strengthen the artist-run sector with an internal professional development program. This will include a one-day conference and a series of small discussion groups tackling specialized industry topics. The goal is to facilitate dialogue, mutual learning, and international networking between the exhibitors, local artists, and invited cultural workers.

Nordic Visiting Curators Program
The project team would like to invite 5-6 Finnish curators with a strong interest in the artist-run sector to participate in the fair’s inaugural Nordic Visiting Curators Program. This program will include:

  • Private guided tour of the Main Exhibition, featuring presentations by 20-25 Danish and international artist-run initiatives
  • Private guided tour of the AIM Exhibition, featuring new works by members of AIM Network (with whom we are co-producing the conference)
  • Private guided tours of the Offsite Exhibitions, presented by local artist-run spaces
  • Free admission to the conference (with an invitation to participate in a panel discussion)
  • Opportunities to participate in thematic group discussions with exhibitors and AIM Network members
  • Access to VIP area, where the fair’s participants can relax with refreshments
  • Free admission to all other events, talks, performances, and activities that may develop

    Visiting curators will be invited to travel to Aarhus from June 3-7, 2021. The project team is currently fundraising for the curators’ travel expenses, including flights, hotel accommodations, and
    per diems.

    Juxtapose Art Fair presents an exciting opportunity for curators to discover experimental artist-led projects, which may inspire future collaborations. But more than that, we envision the fair’s Nordic Visiting Curator Program as an opportunity to explore how curators can better support the artist-run sector. How can we reimagine the role of curators in this field? What kinds of resources can we offer artist-led projects? What is possible when we cross-pollinate between artistic sectors?

If you got interested, get in touch with Laura Köönikkä Please send your mail in English as the Project Team is multinational.

Project Team: Pamela Grombacher, Sasha Richter, Jacob Juhl and Finnish advisor Laura Köönikkä.