Professional career coaching? What is it?

For the past five years I have been working as a mentor for creatives. It all started out when I was asked practical questions about work and then developed to an annual mentoring program. In 2018 I started to work as a part-time Lecturer of Personal Growth and Working life skills at the University of the Arts. It was a great possibility to reflect my own career interests. Since then I have started to study professional career coaching and f.ex. mindful self-compassion. It has felt like I’ve finally found a field in which my professional history and desire to help people to have a healthier relationship with their work have found home. Now I’ve met private and company clients from many different professions, not only creatives and have been truly fascinated by the way people can change their way of working and thinking. Recently I also launched a possibility to do Skype-sessions to reach international clients which turned out to be a great way to work too. This year my professional career coaching are fully booked but if you wish to book a session, you can book a session face-to-face or online for January 2020. e-mail laura(a)

I think the best way to understand what professional career coaching is to read this feedback I got from a client:

I didn’t know that professional career coaching can be used for career sparring. The sessions have exceeded my expectations and I’m really happy that I found Laura. Professional career coaching has encouraged me to pursue my dreams. It has helped me to develop my ways of working and recognize thinking patterns I have created to hold up my career visions. I have also learned to trust my skills and expertise. Laura is approachable, genuine and a supportive person. She has the courage to question my beliefs and ability to listen and make me perceive things I have ignored. The atmosphere in the meetings has always been very open and I have left each meeting in a mood of inspiration!

Have a great week! x Laura