Are you looking for someone to share your career concerns with? Online solution focused supervision career sessions with Laura Köönikkä, no matter where you are based!

Online solution focused supervision career sessions with Laura Köönikkä

Finnish Art Agency’s one-on-one online career supervision sessions offer personal career coaching. The aim is to support the participant’s career by reflecting long-term goals, strengthen the participant’s self-confidence and self-image and trust towards the future in positive light. Finnish Art Agency has been actively developing mentoring program since SHIFT mentoring program was organized for the first time in 2015.
The sessions focus on questions such as: How does my current activity align with where I’m going? Where am I now? What are my own terms and boundaries? When I succeed what’s the exception? How to focus on being creative? Me vs my work identity? The sessions focus on methods and themes from positive psychology, mindful self compassion and goal mapping. The sessions are based on trust, respect and openness.
Laura Köönikkä is the founder of Finnish Art Agency. She has been

working as a creative professional and curator since 2003. In addition to curating and leading numerous projects, she has always been focused on the working conditions and practices in the creative field. At the moment she is studying solution based supervision and mindful self compassion. She is also working part- time as the lecturer of working life skills and personal growth at the university of the arts in Helsinki. Sessions are confidential. 3x90min session 400€+vat. OR 90min 160€ +vat OR 60min 110€.