Artists taking over Instagram

Finnish Art Agency is privileged to work with so many talented artists, who are also active in social media. Now it’s their time to take over FAA’s Instagram over the summer. On 18th of July will start with Eeva Honkanen (@eevahnkn), whose works are now on display at several group exhibitions in Helsinki and abroad. At the moment, painter Sami Havia (@samihavia) is working on his new artworks, so we will definitely see some behind the scenes footage. Artist Man Yau (@manyau_helsinki) will soon start filming her new piece, but before that, one can take a look at her previous works at Design Museum’s summer exhibition. Artist Sirkku Ketola (@sirkkuketola) lives partly in Bryssels and partly in Turku, she is now finalizing her works for the upcoming solo exhibition at Gallery G, Helsinki. Our last Instagram guest, photographer Laura Konttinen (@sparrowhaunt) was invited to take part in various summer exhibitions. Hopefully we will see some sneak peaks of the future photography series as well.

Finnish Art Agency’s office will be closed in July and we will be back again in August. Have a great summer and enjoy the sunny weather!