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Finnish Art Agency renews its services

Finnish Art Agency, founded in 2013 has established its status in the Finnish cultural field. Our activities have demonstrated the need and importance of such agency operators partnering with organizations as well as private individuals. Finnish Art Agency’s main focus has previously been in artist collaborations accompanied by consulting, artist mentoring and curating services. From now on, Finnish Art Agency will be able to offer its services more extensively both internationally and nationally.

“The increasing amount of international cooperation proposals indicate that it’s time for us to optimize our services. We want to develop the agency to respond to the needs of the cultural field in a more proactive way. Collaboration with artists will continue as project based. We want to give a chance to new and unexpected organizations and artists in need of an active collaborator. The three years operational experience has proved that organizations do need consultant operators like the Finnish Art Agency to support their successful project implementation.” – Laura Köönikkä, CEO, Founder of Finnish Art Agency.

Finnish Art Agency is an international creative agency. We work with companies, universities, museums, artists and private individuals. The Agency provides advisory services, consultation and collaboration opportunities. We value accessibility, integrity and openness. Cherishing art goes hand-in-hand with defining new direction and setting concrete goals.