GL STRAND Art Cinema Presents Film by IC-98

A view from the Other Side (2011) shows the transformations across the centuries of the life and terrace of P.J. Gylich’s Doric colonnade building in Turku, Finland, built in 1836. The film is a lyrical and historical narrative about the interconnections between architecture and politics, dealing with the questions of ownership of public space, immigration and neo-liberal city policies. The space has served as a bazaar, a restaurant, a café and a petrol station, and in the 2010’s the city of Turku sold the property to private developers.

GL STRAND is a modern exhibition hall in Copenhagen, Denmark, whose goal is to stay abreast of the newest tendencies withing Danish and international contemporary art. A View from the Other Side will be screened at the Art Cinema at Kunstforeningen GL STRAND from 7th of February to 3rd of May 2015. Access to the Art Cinema is gained through the main exhibition galleries and does not require a special ticket.

Work info: Artist: written, directed and drawn by IC-98, animated by Markus Lepistö Title: A View from the Other Side Year: 2011 Format: HD-animation Length: 70’00”, seamless loop Sound: stereo sound Music by Markku Hietaharju, improvised on the grand organ of Turku Cathedral.

IC-98 www.socialtoolbox.com