If you only have time for two

There are lots of exhibition openings happening in Helsinki before Easter but if you have time for only two, Finnish Art Agency truly recommends to check out painter Tiina Pyykkinen’s Painted Place and sculptor Pauliina Kaasalainen’s Any definable group.

Tiina Pyykkinen’s ever-changing situational works live by the different conditions of light and shadow, places and time. They challenge the viewer to move around the exhibition: painted surfaces that reflect colours, shapes and images disappear just as quickly as they have appeared. In the exhibition art, experience and situation merge into one inseparable whole.

In turn, with her human shaped sculptures Pauliina Kaasalainen deals with the changing boundaries of work, theorisation and display. Her exhibition is a single piece, almost like a scene from a surrealistic film, in which the viewer can walk into. It’s a hypothetical representation of the absurd logic of human mind.

Tiina Pyykkinen: Painted Place 2.4.–19.4.2015, opening 2.4. at 5–7 pm, Tm Galleria (Erottajankatu 9B)

Pauliina Kaasalainen: Any Definable Group 7.4.–10.5, opening 2.4. at 5–7 pm, MUU Kaapeli (Tallberginkatu 1 C)

Photo: Pauliina Kaasalainen – All Roads Lead to Rome, 2014