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Introducing SHIFT 2016 participants

Finnish Art Agency’s SHIFT mentoring program vol. 2 has started with meetings and studio visits. The aim of the program is to provide tailored support for developing artists’ careers. Now it’s time to introduce the mentoring participants!

The quality of the applicants was again really high and most of them have been pursuing fine art career for over 10 years already. Artist Eeva Honkanen brings out various aspects of humanity through her humorous and unreal drawings, while painter Mika Hytti deals with topics springing from the wastelands of human cognition. Sculptor Jaakko Himanen’s acrylic figures are mixtures of art, design and fashion trends, artist Eija Hakkola has realized several public artworks around Finland and artist Sirkku Ketola’s artistic practice involve printmaking, photography, performance, moving image and sound. Stay tuned to hear more about our interesting and talented participants while the program continues.


Sirkku Ketola: Still hearing the whispers of the queen, 2015, hand printed silkscreen installation on paper, 4,5m x 3m x 8m
Eeva Honkanen: Figures In A Landscape, 2015, ink drawing, 140cm x 100cm