Katri Mononen joins Finnish Art Agency

Finnish Art Agency is proud to announce the collaboration with painter Katri Mononen (b. 1981). Katri Mononen’s paintings have been exhibited all around Finland in various solo and group exhibitions, and also in Germany, Japan, USA and Czech Republic, among others. Mononen’s works were seen last time at Porvoon Taidetehdas in September, and next time in Kunstahalle Helsinki as part of the Young Artists show organised by the Artists’ Association of Finland.

Katri Mononen is interested in the way in which human actions and natural phenomena influence each other. In Mononen’s paintings, nature appears as an active player which the human being aims to control, but is not always able to do so. Her artistic process is often triggered by big questions that evoke contradictory emotions. The painting is not a picture of a place or an event but rather the scene itself where different emotional experiences take place. In Mononen’s painting process everything affects everything and the act of painting is not detached from the rest of reality. The mystery of something undefined remains.

Young Artists 2015, 28.11.–3.1.2016, Helsinki Kunsthalle

Paintings: Accumulation, 2014, acrylic on canvas/akryyli kankaalle, 75x100cm; Five Moons, 2015, acrylic and spray on canvas/akryyli ja spray kankaalle, 50x65cm