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Laura Köönikkä chosen for Curator residency hosted by Aarhus Center for Visual Art in Denmark

Founder of Finnish Art Agency Laura Köönikkä has been chosen for AaBKC Residency in Aarhus from 30th of April until 22nd of June 2018. AaBKC is a new residency program designed to give international artists and curators an opportunity to develop meaningful professional contacts in Aarhus, Denmark. Köönikkä will have an opportunity to meet local artists and arts professionals, visit artist studios and exhibition spaces, and participate in networking meetings and cultural events. In addition to exploring the arts community of Aarhus, AaBKC Residency also gives the visiting curator the time and space she’ll need to conduct research, writing, planning exhibitions and other self-directed work.

Curator residency is organised for the second time. Köönikkä was chosen from 66 international applicants. Director Sasha Rose Richter (Aarhus Billedkunstcenter/Aarhus Center for Visual Art) says they chose Köönikkä because of her focus on networking, studio visits, and supporting artists’ professional development. “Also because we could see that Köönikkä follows up on past residencies with connections that have led to exhibitions and collaborations.”, Sasha Rose Richter.

“I have done three curator residencies in my past: two in Dublin and one in Berlin. Residencies are a great way to rethink about your own practice and meet new artists and art professionals. I’m looking forward to engage myself with the regional art scene in Aarhus and have time to write and think. I work as a freelancer and although my work days are never the same it’s great to stay in another country and city for a longer period of time as it gives valuable perspective to my everyday work and practice back at home. My residencies in Dublin (Temple Bar Gallery and Studios & Firestation residency) have thought me that it’s possible to build a network in another country by taking the time and the effort to meet people and find creative ways of working together despite the distance. Stay on the move is my advice for all creative professionals and people in general.”, Laura Köönikkä. 

Photos:  millaxmarkus