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Museosafari – Open Call for Single Channel Video Works

Finnish Art Agency is inviting video artists to submit to a group screening event dedicated to works exploring nature and environment. The works will be selected on the basis of Finnish Art Agency’s invitation and the open call. The video works must be suited for children (aged 3–13) and they should preferably include aspects of nature, environment or animals.

Museosafari is a three-day event dedicated to nature and art. The event will take place in August 24–26th 2017, and will be dedicated to different forms of art including screenings and workshops. The purpose of the evening is to increase the awareness of nature and to bring two great matters, nature and art, together. Go to Museosafari to read more about the open call requirements, dates etc.

Museosafari 24.–26.8.2017
Pohjoinen Rautatienkatu 13
00100 Helsinki