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New Narrative and Reader artists: Sami Havia

Sami Havia (b. 1982) is a painter who works with spontaneous and intuitive painting combined with slow and detailed drawing. He describes his paintings as a “sum of coincidence and clumsy control“. After the painting process, when the canvas is dry, he lets his mind combine different schemes with each other, but without organizing assumed forms. Such organisation occurs through drawing, which works as a tool for disclosing the forms. He continues this pattern over multiple layers to create even stronger effects. The works reveal mutations of Havia’s pictorial mind map, imagination and subconscious. For New Narrative and Reader Havia has made three new works that are part of Doodle Series. Sami Havia has graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki, and lives and works in Helsinki.

Go and see his website from here, and read more about the upcoming New Narrative and Reader exhibition here.

Photo by Amanda Aho, Finnish Art Agency