Saara Ekström awarded by the Arts Promotion Center Finland

The Art Council of Southwest Finland has awarded the artist Saara Ekström. The amount of the prize is € 5,000. Read more about it on Turun Sanomat, 27.11. In Finnish.

Ekström’s career has been active for three decades, and she switches her media smoothly from photo to video or installation to film while retaining her high quality in all medias. From the beginning of her career, Saara Ekström has been astonishing audiences with her original artistic vision. In her works, the enigmatic ambiance is united to the unexpected. The works open unusually different perspectives to the world, making everyday poetry and turning the ugly to something amazingly beautiful.

During the upcoming year you can see her works in the following exhibition venues and screenings:
Klassikot – Classics with WSOY, Helsinki Contemporary, Helsinki 2017
No Ordinary Moments, EMMA – Espoon Modernin Taiteen Museo, Espoo Museum of Modern Art 2018 – 2019
Phantasma, Union Quartair, Haag, Holland 2018
Youkobo Art Space, Tokyo, Japan, 2018
Porin taidemuseo/Pori Art Museum, Finland 2018

Pikselimuraali ja Avaruusromua, Turku, 2017

Image: Rose Altar, still image from film, 2017. 8mm.