Elena Näsänen at Akbank Short Film Festival in Istanbul

Elena Näsänen’s Passerby is screened at International Section of Akbank Short Film Festival in Istanbul. The video Passerby was recently seen at her solo exhibition in Helsinki, at Gallery Hippolyte. Akbank 10th Short Film Festival (Akbank 10. Kısa Film Festivali) will take place in Istanbul between March 10 and 20, 2014. http://www.akbanksanat.com/en/kisa-film-festivali/hakkinda

Attracting new interest groups and audiences

During the exhibition Passerby by Elena Näsänen, Finnish Art Agency organized events to engage new interest groups with the exhibition and the venue Photographic gallery Hippolyte. The invitation list was built and inspired by the works of the exhibition. Finnish Art Agency hosted the events for guests from the fields of architecture, design, tourism and…

Elena Näsänen at Photographic gallery Hippolyte in Helsinki

Elena Näsänen at Photographic gallery Hippolyte in Helsinki

“I have always been interested in architecture and in integrating it into my own work. In Passerby I finally managed to make this dream a reality”, Elena Näsänen. Artist Elena Näsänen will put together an exhibition at Photographic Gallery Hippolyte with work that deal with the transitory and the experience of otherness. It is made up of…