Laura Konttinen joins Finnish Art Agency

Finnish Art Agency is thrilled to announce the collaboration with young visual artist Laura Konttinen (b. 1987). Laura Konttinen is known for her photographic collages and installations. The core focus of her work is the materiality of the photograph. Using different craftsmen methods Laura Konttinen creates picturesque settings and landscapes. Konttinen cuts, glues, reshapes and reconstructs the past avoiding digital after effects.

Fragile, ethereous and evanescent: these are some of the words one could find suited for describing Laura Konttinen’s works. The recurring theme in her works is the ambiguity of memories, nostalgia and the human’s role as both destructor and preserver. In her previous works Konttinen wanted to create events that have already disappeared, and the process of making them visible gives them new meaning and makes them special. Now she is working on a series of islands. The inspiration arises from her own experiences, ancient Greece and psychological qualities of islands, among others.

Laura Konttinen has studied in Tampere and Edinburgh, she lives and works in Helsinki. Her works have been exhibited in several solo and group exhibitions since 2006. Some photographs from Konttinen’s new Island series can now be seen in New Narrative and Reader in Bury Art Museum and Sculpture Centre and in Salo Art Museum starting from 17.10.2015. Laura Konttinen also featured Finnish Art Agency’s newsletter 3/2015 earlier this year.

Laura Konttinen homepage
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Photos: Lightmare Island, 2015, pigment print (fotosec), 73 x 90 cm; Fragments of a princess, 2012, pigment print (fotosec), 50 x 40 cm