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New Narrative and Reader artists: Teemu Korpela

Teemu Korpela (b. 1980) is a painter who deals with the thematics of fulfillment, pleasure, solace, and pain. He has always been fascinated by the ability of the painting to be material and immaterial at the same time, how presenting a painting in an unconventional way one can alter the associations the painting evokes and the way it’s perceived. “For me the painting is much more than an image” Korpela describes. His spatial and installation-like paintings often refer to history and today’s given ideals. They can be seen as an exiting inquiry to the history of Korpela’s medium and a way to “eat” the object of his lust and ease his hunger. For New Narrative and Reader Teemu Korpela has made a series of paintings based on and with a dialogue with the museum’s permanent exhibition. Korpela has studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki, and lives and works in Helsinki.

Go and see his website from here, and read more about the upcoming New Narrative and Reader exhibition here.

Photo by Amanda Aho, Finnish Art Agency