Cleaner’s Voice by Martta Tuomaala at Gallery Jangva, Helsinki

Dagmar has been working 16 hour days from Monday to Sunday without overtime pay. Leena has had to drive buses after only an hour of training and Kirsti became homeless when her resilience was not sufficient.  At one time, the cleaner was a familiar face in the workplace. Under the guise of the depression in…

Saara Ekström at publishing house Teos

  Artist Saara Ekström’s photography exhibition has been made site specifically for the beautiful spaces of Teos, an independent publishing house in Helsinki. The extensive exhibition includes 18 photographic works. As Saara Ekström’s photograph If Inside Is Let In (Charm) was featured in Kristiina Lähde’s anthology published by Teos, Laura Köönikkä from Finnish Art Agency made…


Elena Näsänen participates Lima Photography Biennial

Elena Näsänen exhibits a video work “Wasteland” at Lima Photography Biennial. Näsänen participates the Biennial as one of the artists of a group show “Bodies, Borders, Crossings”, produced by the Finnish Institute in New York. The Biennial will end on the 18th of May 2014. For more information about the exhibition:  

Elena Näsänen at Akbank Short Film Festival in Istanbul

Elena Näsänen’s Passerby is screened at International Section of Akbank Short Film Festival in Istanbul. The video Passerby was recently seen at her solo exhibition in Helsinki, at Gallery Hippolyte. Akbank 10th Short Film Festival (Akbank 10. Kısa Film Festivali) will take place in Istanbul between March 10 and 20, 2014.